In building corporate value, brand is essential. Far more than a logo or an ad campaign, brand represents the alignment of corporate vision and strategy with the needs and desires of key clients, internal/external stakeholders and the broader marketplace.

Brand reinforces who you are, what you stand for, and what you mean to your clients and investors – as well as your internal staff. It forms the foundation for your strategic communications and marketing programs and holds the key to building internal culture and creating enduring external perception.In our view, brand strategy is a core component of corporate strategy and a precursor to effective, targeted marketing programs. It is a thoughtful, rigorous approach to articulating your unique value, engaging with your target audience, and building long-term economic value.At Dreisbach Group, we begin every assignment with a brand discovery process, engaging each client’s internal and external stakeholders in dialogue to understand the strengths, weaknesses, competitive landscape and differentiators that form the foundation of their corporate narrative. This research informs the overall firm positioning, narrative, visual representation, and media planning.